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MLP Circus Baby by Beyworld101 MLP Circus Baby :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 1 0 Foxy: Before and after! by Beyworld101 Foxy: Before and after! :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Todd-Pokemon Card 1 by Beyworld101 Todd-Pokemon Card 1 :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 1 0 My Little Ra by Beyworld101 My Little Ra :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 1 0
Demonic Cradles

Pale moonlight washes over
Blood flows down the dark and damp stream
Red eyes blaze like coals
Sharp white daggers pierce the skin
A shrill cry rings out into the night   
What such evil skulks in the night
Stealing life by drinking it to live forever
Sharp black nails tear through life itself
The blood bleeds of complete pain
Life dies upon such a thin thread
The spilt blood drips and drains away
Something sinister is hiding beyond the shadows
Waits and waits, it's very patient
It hears the pounding of blood in your heart
Every breath it in hails it in 
It smells fear coming from you
Every move you take running, it watches you
The moon glows upon this nightmarish beast
Shadow moves throughout the darkness
Such evil cradles this demonic shadow demon
:iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 2 0
Todd and Me 2 by Beyworld101 Todd and Me 2 :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 1 Tom Hiddleston by Beyworld101 Tom Hiddleston :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0
The Lost Hive: Proluge
The Lost Hive
“My queen, we’re under attack from the enemy right now,” Shouted Thomas the Wraith commander of his Hive ship. Jammie his Wraith Queen looked at him, “ Fire all laser canons on them and take out any incoming Wraith Darts towards the ship.” Thomas nodded his head and ordered the other Wraith commanders to fire on the enemy ship.
Laser fired from each of the ships. Darts whizzed past each other and took the others out. Sparks flew everywhere in the ship, when it took fire from the other ship. “Our hyper drives are down my Queen,” Shouted Eric second in command Wraith. Jammie hissed, “Take all of the fire power we have, onto them so that they can’t escape from us.” Both Thomas and Eric nodded in agreement.
    All of the fire power was drawn onto the other ship, taking lots of heavy fire power. Most of their weapons were taken out, but then a hyperspace window opened for the other ship a
:iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 1 2
Chibi Lucifer by Beyworld101 Chibi Lucifer :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Anime Lucifer by Beyworld101 Anime Lucifer :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Lucifer the Devil by Beyworld101 Lucifer the Devil :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Supernatural: Angel's and Demons by Beyworld101 Supernatural: Angel's and Demons :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Lucifer! by Beyworld101 Lucifer! :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 0 0 Lucifer Drawing by Beyworld101 Lucifer Drawing :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 2 0
To my dearest Marcus Volturi
Dear Marcus Volturi,
    My dearest love, I write this to you, because our love is ever lasting. The first time our eyes meet with each other, I felt a great spark between us there and now. Those crimson red eyes watched my every move I ever make, whenever I was around you. I hear your soft laugh, but never say anything when I'm near you. Your beautiful curly brown hair shimmers and glitters brightly in the sunlight, when you're in it. The both of us dance inside the moonlight, until we stop when dawn breaks upon us. I live in the day, but I miss you when night fades upon me. Both Aro and Caius won't understand our eternal love for us to be together forever. I want to be like you forever and to be with you alone too. You understand and know me all too well, than the others did. Marcus, my heart pounds and aches for you to turn me into the most beautiful creature of darkness, a vampire. Please, I'm not complete without your ever lasting kiss and the death of love.
:iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 1 0
Sailor Moon Crystal by Beyworld101 Sailor Moon Crystal :iconbeyworld101:Beyworld101 3 0


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United States
I love to do art so much that's why I joined here ;)
Alright next week is May the Fourth be with you and I'll be doing Star Wars fan art and something for The Last Jedi coming out this winter. So Later guys!


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